Godot 3.2.1 released (Open-Source 2D/3D game engine)

It’s based on different techniques (to EEVEE) that aren’t all strictly tied to Vulkan. Transitioning to Vulkan could be an opportune time to explore such and other tech though.

It’s also worth your time to take a look at Ogre 3D ( Godot uses some work from Matias Goldberg from Ogre 3d ).
The PCC / VCT hybrid solution for reflections looks nice!

Visual Shaders update, part 2

As the release of 3.2 nears, the Godot team unveils the rest of the many changes brought to shader authoring (both in terms of writing them or using the nodes). With these additions and changes, Godot now has truly top-tier shader editing with more to come when version 4 brings Vulkan.

Among the changes…

  • Switch statements
  • Ability to write custom nodes
  • Texture samplers
  • Constants
  • Expression nodes
  • Many new expression types
  • Copy and Paste for nodes
  • ect…

Enhancements for C# fans

In short, the C# version gets WebAssembly, better integration with external IDE’s, and AOT compilation for some platforms.

Just because GDscript gets the lion’s share of development attention is by no means resulting in every other language seeing neglect.

Is there something like Unreals or Unitys Marketplace where people sell more or less high quality assets?

There is a place where people post assets and plugins.

It’s all free and open stuff for now, but the MIT license would not stop a user from creating a Unity-style “asset store” containing resources with price tags. There’s also no clear indication that the official channel won’t add commercial assets in the future.

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Yeah, I looked through that a bit but the content seems rather meh.
And the presentation isn’t that great. Half of the time I find it difficult to find out what I am looking at.

Godot 3.2 Beta 3

The vast majority of serious issues and regressions have been fixed now, all that is left really is a couple of issues in the C# version.

The issues with the C# integration though has more to do with regressions in Mono than Godot, they plan on reverting to a previous version of Mono (at the cost of losing Web Assembly support) if they don’t resolve the issue by next week.

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I really wish i had time for tying this game engine !

Looks seductive interresting and simple. Just what i like ^^

Godot 3.2 Beta 4

Like usual, another big batch of bugs have been fixed as people continue to test every piece of engine functionality. For C# fans, this is also the build that brings Mono back into fully working order for platforms like Web Assembly.

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i know this thread is for Godot news only but i have a simple question is it possible to create benchmark tool such as: cinebench ,3Dmark alike with Godot engine??

If it used the same scenes as another engine then it would be interesting. Right now it isn’t the fastest engine around but it will have vulkan so it will be better on diverse hardware.

Some of the game benchmarks are essentially non-interactive demos made in a game engine, so I would say the only thing that would decide if Godot can do that is if the engine can save a profile for FPS and other stats. to disk. Godot does have file writing so you could theoretically put something together.

yeah, when will godot will have vulkan natively? i have android phone the specs is 8x cpu cores, adreno GPU,and 3 gigs of memory i am very curious if it can handles “tomato class game”.I wanna test GIprobe + subsurface scattering + light bloom.

with that said so it can do benchmark stuffs right?
i have tested the GIprobe and the result is more than i expected from a tiny game engine :heart_eyes:

  • i also have another question:
    how can i create lens flare effects like this guy

since i am not a proggrammer,i think it related to graphic proggramming. The mediafires ling is broken

theres couple of lens flares in the asset library:



Godot; A decade in review

It has been 6 years since Godot 1.0 introduced that new little game engine with the purple interface, this article is a rundown of what went wrong, what went right, the lessons learned, and how said lessons will be applied for the 2020’s. Two of the main things right now is the team split (between 3.2 and 4.0) and Reduz no longer seeing Godot as a hobby but as a full-time job. Godot 4.0 is still intended to introduce cutting edge 3D graphics based on Vulkan, and will have a nice 3D platformer demo to go with the TPS demo when it is released.

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sorry for late reply i was in holiday with family

sadly they look mediocre ,thanks for the links btw ^^

Godot 3.2 Beta 5

Many more bugs have been fixed and the Mono build (for C# fans) is behaving well. They are reaching a point where 3.2 master appears pretty stable and hope to put out a release candidate within a week or two.


Godot 3.2 Beta 6

Another large batch of bugs fixed thanks to the many contributors. At this point, the team is pretty happy with the stability so they plan to move to RC in a matter of days. Many of the users are also happy with this because they will take an engine that works over one with all of the buzzword features.


Godot 3.2 RC1

The release is getting close, and the reason it was delayed for so long is because it is much bigger than what it was intended to be.

Godot 4 is still slated to come out later this year, but that could be optimistic considering their track record. Still, in the Godot world, delays are usually a positive as far as the finished product goes.