Godot 3.3 released (Open-Source 2D/3D game engine)

Road to 4.0; Editor improvements

Reduz has been busy with the editor in the last month, making the inspector easier to navigate and use and overhauling the project settings for starters. In addition, he overhauled the geometry importer, giving the user far more control over what actually goes where and what the nodes will look like (by way of a “pre-import” process). Other changes include more control over how pausing various nodes work.

Next month is more work on rendering, odds and ends, bugfixes, and final todo items. The hope is to have an initial alpha build soon after.

Godot 3.3 released

While much of the big dev work is on version 4.0. The team plans to continue supporting 3.x in the long term with a steady stream of backported features and fixes. Among the things backported is the new lightmapper, improvements to the editor and the UI, fixes and enhancements to Godot’s in-house physics engine, many other fixes, and much more. This long term support is emphasized by the fact that they changed the versioning scheme, with the next planned version (containing more backported features) being known as Godot 3.4.

So if you need steady development in a stable branch, Godot has you covered until you are ready to make the jump.

I am so itching to learn Godot engine esspecially with the new light mapper. It looks like so much fun compared to the bloat that comes with Unreal.
Just got to find some time…

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By the way. Does it rely on distance fields? Anybody?

Aren’t distance fields for realtime lighting?

You’re right sir!
So I’ll turn the question into “does anybody know if the new realtime GI is based on distance fields?”

The new lightmapper is primarily a path tracer with the option to finish the process with OIDN. Like in many professional engines, a full bake can take several minutes or longer depending on the complexity of the level.

However, I feel a strong pull towards doing what I can in the Godot 4.0 dev builds (because features like SDFGI and GDScript 2.0 really take big steps toward allowing you to think less about process and more about just creating).

Yes, the real-time GI in Godot 4.0 is based on distance fields.

The Godot 3.3 GI Probes do not appear to be distance field based.