Godot Engine knows how to FBX

The Godot Engine guys did an enormous work on their FBX importer - https://godotengine.org/article/fbx-importer-rewritten-for-godot-3-2-4
And They claim it’s the first properly reverse-engineered open source tool out there. Maybe there’s a way to derive from their work somehow? It would be nice to see Blender not having pipeline problems for once :laughing:


Oh man, this could be big

So far this has been working like a charm for me.

That is good for Maya/Max/C4D users, but it still makes sense for us to stick with open formats when possible (as there is no chance of Autodesk pulling out the rug from beneath us).

Now Godot’s license would allow the Blender devs. to borrow code to make its own .fbx import/export work, and unfortunately that is something that would be good to do.

Don’t forget game engines.

Rewrote all the mesh code to support all formats of FBX meshes correctly.

Hmmm… this is an importer only, and for what i can see in the bug reports assigned to devs, it means to be able to import FBX created with Maya. Although they are making the efforts to support 3DSMax too, there will be the same limitation of the Blender FBX importer/exporter (FBX 7200 and older not supported).

I think is a good idea to see what fixes/deas can be backported to the Blender FBX importer, but it seems it will have some of the limitations of the Blender FBX importer. Time will tell.