Godrays not working help

hey guys so I’ve been seeing a bunch of YouTube tuts to make godrays they give me 2 options

1 make a cube add volume scatter

2 add volume scatter to the world

but both don’t work

even if i do both with spot lights in my scene set to 4000W

and the right node setup:

i face 2 problems

1 no godrays in my scene:

2 when i add the volume scatter it removes my Hdri as you can see in the whole through the broken wood

how to resolve this? what is the right way?

this is how my scene looks without volumetrics

Unless I’m mistaken the Volume Scatter goes into the Volume input of the World Output, and the Background goes into the Surface input. The red noodle (between the Background and the Volume Scatter) indicates an error I think. Could you share a link to one of these tutorials, for example.

Your right it did the trick :+1::sweat_smile: