God's Soup

Could the entire cosmos have come from a single can of soup?!
playing off of the old Cambell’s soup commercials “Mmm Mmm tomato soup Pos-i-bil-i-ties

don’t worry about the current label i’m not done yet, going to have many things coming out of the can


Cream of roadkill???

surely god would have better tastes than cletus from the simpsons

@Jezzabetz: Agreed.

As for the can, I think it is a good idea but maybe try putting it on clouds with outer space above it instead of a table.

The can and table texture look fine, however I think the light effect might need some adjustments.

Work it.

You got a grin. Go for a chuckle.

This is cool but I would at least add some stars, shiny things, and play around with the lighting plus actually add something in it, maybe even a planet. I might also make the background a little more interesting and “homey.”