God's Triumphant

Hello all, been working on this…
the statue is from Benjamin Bardou, he has some amazing statues!

you can find me on https://www.instagram.com/berjo_o/
(the Statue Benjamin Bardou (@meryon) - Sketchfab)


Noice. Is this space? Why’s there an astronaut, about to pick a sword?

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You’re open to imagination :slight_smile: it’s a fantasy art, so it can be anything you see.
could be an astronaut entering ancient temple :smiley:

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This is really cool. The only thing I wish to see more of is, (and disregard this if I am wrong), the floor has water in it, correct? Something like a sword, because of the vibrations by the instill water would wobble a little and it would creat ripples. Very small ones but visible ones. The other thing is there might be some more turbulent water around the astronauts feet. Just my thoughts on how you might be able to push a shot like this to the next level but I like that almost stylized bit still natural look. I think for a shot like this that is more in the creative side it adds a lot of character to the shot. Great job!


Surreally beautiful!!!

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Thank you very much !

Hey thanks for the feedback! honestly I have thought about it ! i’ll try to do it for next time

Very nice! Did you model the statue yourself?

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Thanks man! no, the statue is used is from Benjamin Bardou.

Oh I’m sorry I misunderstood your OP. I now realize he has posted these models on Sketchfab - I already thought it looked familiar! :slight_smile: (You should add a link to the original as the Creative Commons Attribution license requires it).

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will do :slight_smile: i have mentioned his name on the post description, but i will add the link

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Sorry, I forgot to add the link:

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You’re #featured! :tada:

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Omg that’s amazing!! I’m so glad thank you very much!

P.s : i don’t know if it’s technical issue but I’m not tagged there on instagram, not mentioned properly x)

Awesome work!
btw gonna buy this assets

Couple thoughts:

  • First, level the camera.

  • Next, with a couple of L-shaped pieces of cardboard or simply with your hands, look for “the picture within the picture.” Crop away everything that isn’t “advancing the picture” in some clearly identifiable and therefore justifiable way.

  • In connection with the above point, also consider where you might put and aim your camera, what lens to use (telephoto? wide?), and so on. I often suggest creating a new camera, one after another after another, select it as the “current” one, move it to a good-looking position, then create a new camera and repeat. (Give each one a meaningful-to-you name.) Later, you can switch through the cameras one-by-one to select the one that you like best – of course, leaving all the others right where they are in case you change your mind.

  • Blender today has plenty of "high-speed [scratch …] rendering techniques which will allow you to “bang through the camera setups in a hurry.” (As does its now-EEVEE-based viewport.) Each one of them is accurate, showing you exactly what will be in each “lovingly-rendered” frame if-and-when you get around to making it.

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