God's Unconditional Love Officially Terminated


great link pixelmass

I read the first part and closed the link, sorry, this is not funny, this makes fun of God and any satire ripping God is a high offense.

CD, you seem to be so close minded and wacked. It is not making fun of God at all. Maybe you should read the whole article.

Oh yeah, I forgot, you are dragon though…

Hahahaha, great find pixel :slight_smile:

Cyborg you’re a dumba**. Its obviously a funny take on how many christians really aren’t particularly religious, at least not much more than anybody else. And it was hilarious until I had to explain it to you.

I’m a Christian and I lol’ed. You need to relax, God’s got a sense of humor you know.

Have you looked at the world lately? It’s obviously just a big joke.

i aggree with cd this is a disgrace to God!you should really take that link off!

So CD is close minded because something offends him? So sense CT’s offend you (not you in particular) then you must be close minded, well technically everyone would be close minded cause things offend them, so techinically you are close minded because you are offended by CD being offended.

I have a great Idea, if something offends someone, then they should start a fight over it, they don’t have to look at it or anything, so if something offends you, don’t look at it.

Great Idea eh guys?




It’s making fun of Christians, not god, silly boo.

Here have a glass of warm milk, and play with your Blender blocks.

pats CD on the head

There you go, little guy.


Ok, just looked at the link, I liked it.
It’s something to reflect on, to take into consideration that being a Christian isn’t about getting a free ticket into heaven, it’s about living a righteous life.

I bet if your pastor used this satire article in his sermon you would accept it differently. There’s nothing blashpemous about it, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, don’t read something thinking you’re going to be offended, instead read it with a clear mind, not a predetermined one, you may see something that might help you in your life as a Christian.


Yeah, listen to the JackBlack.

He likes the conspiracies, but he’s good people.:cool:

Well that link is not really funny,its a real disgrace to God i couldn’t even stand to read all of it!!!:no:

Ah yes, and here come the Godhaters.

Ya know, I think that image is offensive because it seems as though you are exploiting people with deformities to try and prove a mute point.

Shame on you for your exploitation of these people.


I can’t tell whether you are serious or not…

Read it all:ba:


Edit: I need to stop.

I’m dead serious!

Edit:just read whole thing i’m stell dead serious!!!(no sarcasim intended)

Maybe you should have, then you might change your mind, like I said, it’s not blasphemous and if your pastor used it in his sermon you’d probably look at it differently, or maybe if you recieved it in an email from a Christian friend.

The point made in it is the fact that being a Christian is more about being like Christ than just being a Sunday Christian. To be honest, eternal life isn’t a “free gift” as many pastors love to try and swindle you into there church, it’s a life style, not a free ticket to heaven.
Trust me, I’m a PK and have written sermons and have ben offered a job as a Youth Pastor twice, I don’t like kids or teens much so I turned it down both times.


i did read it all and i’m stell dead serious!

She certainly does. :smiley:

Oh yeah, just out of respect, you may wish to use an upper case “G” when spelling God.

Well then you need a little more laugh in your life, poopy head:p.