Goin' to the chaplel

And we’re goin’ to get married…

This sux.

“whether the officers used excessive force.”

“fired 50 shots at three men who turned out to be unarmed”

hmmmm, i’d say that’s excessive force…

really sad…

It only sux because you don’t know either the police or the people who were shot so you naturally want to give everyone a fair trial. You don’t know that the group leaving the strip club hadn’t murdered or tortured anyone or been involved in a drugs ring and gotten away with it. Sometimes the only way to deal out justice is to do it outside the law, which so often fails our society. On the other hand, they might have been an innocent party in the wrong place at the wrong time but it’s not for us to draw conclusions about a scenario we know very little about.


we don’t know anything about the situation other than the fact that three men were shot outside of a strip club in NY by 5 police officers. It’s rather unfair to judge based on that.

it does suck that this fella was shot right before his wedding though.