Going Digital Because It's Just So Fashionable

Pure Blender.

Thank you for viewing my work,


Forgot to upload the piccie did we? Well, at least I don’t see a thing.

His site can be going down, I can’t see any of his images on this forum right now.

I can see it here, but maybe some network routing conditions.

It has also been posted here:


It’s a good abstract work, sort of how the great artist Picasso does it.

RobertT, if you’re wondering who Cyborg Dragon is my old name was Icoxo

Wow… it took quite some time you made me go ‘wow’… but this… wow… a bit of Dalí going on there too. Your best IMO.

I went digital in -1983…

EDIT Works now!

Well… I hope this doesnt come across as harsh, but its sort of like those photoshop experiments with few swirls on a photo that (some) people put in their ‘galleries’… It needs something IMO… just another twist JMO

Yeah but it’s impressive because it’s 100% blender not photoshop

Good, looks like it’s working now :slight_smile:

Cyborg Dragon: Thanks! Haha, I read another one of your posts so I knew it was you :wink:

Sago: Thank you VERY much, Sago :slight_smile: I consider this one of my “serious pieces” so I’m honored to hear you thought so well of it.

pıkselı: Sorry, dude, no photoshopping/post work here: everything in this image was modeled and not composited, not that there would be anything wrong with that since I consider it a valid and valuable technique. Everything is on one layer and rendered pure from Blender. Blender render nodes were used to tighten up RGB curves/saturation, and that’s about it.

Here’s the 3D view from a different angle:



I’m just wondering did you rotate edges or faces in Proportional editing mode for the swirls. Because that’s what it looks like.

Now I see it. I like the modeling, you’ve done good job with the face and the render is very nice.

Very good! :slight_smile:

Very nice RobertT! The materials are amazing, particularly on the face. I like the nice creamy/glossy feel of it. How did you do those spirals man?

Unless he used a different technique I would guess he selected an edge and rotated it in proportional editing mode (dragging surrounding faces with it and making a swirl.)

RobertT :

Sorry, dude, no photoshopping/post work here: everything in this image was modeled and not composited

Hehe I didnt think so… Let me try to elaborate… The feel is quite clean, the shiny materials and the purple create nice overtones with the gold(ish) reflective surface. It lacks a certain 3DCGI-ness which I think is good.

But its message remains unclear to me, on the level of meanings… and thats the addition twist I was talking about

Cyborg Dragon: Yes, PET was involved, but, as you can imagine, it’s never really that simple as I tweak everything constantly as I go along the way, switching between vert/edge/face mode and reworking everything until it’s done (and often even after it’s “done”) :wink:

Hippie: Thanks so much, Hippie. I’m glad you liked it.

the_nr: Thank you!

Ven0mSevenX: I really appreciate that. I always try to make the materials match the subject and concept I’m trying to portray or connote on some level, which in this case was the artificiality of technology in an even more artificial application of fashion, which literally in this case is a reflection of the person “going digital” (deliberately masklike) for appearances and not functionality. I used variable PET, edge and vert selection, loop cutting, periodic smoothing, and manual subdivision.

pıkselı: Oh, I see :slight_smile: thanks for clarifying. I had a specific set of ideas going into this but didn’t want to spell them out too clearly because I want the viewer to decide, based on the image and the title, what the piece might really mean. I go into it a little more in my reply above to Ven0mSevenX.


Well it’s good that you believe in setting a high standard for yourself and your work, and theoretically you could spend hours or even days trying every little bit and tweak neccesary to improve it.

Wow- awesome job! Love the modelling!