Going from a cylinder to a cube


I just started learning modelling and blender. What I am trying to do is model a generator. Now the generator is not a full cylinder, the bottom part needs to be a cube. Do I extrude all the selected faces and then try to merge them all together or is there an easier way that I do not know about. As trying to merge them most of the time seems to mess up the model.

Yes, you could extrude the faces down and press ‘S’ for scale and then ‘Z’ for scalling along that axis, and finally enter number 0 to even the faces on same plane.

But If I were you I’d use a screw modifier to make the round part of the generator and merge with the cube using boolean modifiers. That way I could have complete control over edge count of the round part.

Be aware that I’ve noticed by looking at your picture that you have a lot of double faces on your model, do remove them just select everything by double or once tapping ‘A’ and then ‘W’ ----> “remove doubles”. I think that is causing the problems with extrusion. Do this before you extrude the bottom part.