Going from ATI 7660HD (Integrated) to GTX 750 Ti

Think we’re soon going to pickup a Asus GTX 750Ti from Staples for around $179 (Canadian), currently I have an AMD A10-5700(3.4ghz?)/8mb ram under Windows 8.1 and using the built-in ATI video card. I have to use Luxrender for GPU rendering and it’s less than stellar (Luxmark score around 380 using CPU + GPU).

I’m hoping the 500W Coolmaster supply will be enough to power this (has a single 6 pin PCIe connector). Also I hear some talk of the 750Ti not working in Blender 2.7.x’s without getting a nightly build? or has this changed ? will it work properly without fuss using the latest stable 2.72b?

I was going to get a used GTX570 ($100) as I’ve heard these are pretty amazing for an older card but I heard they require retarded amounts of power and space in the case… neither of which I have so I think the GTX 750Ti might be a good equivalent.

Not to talk ‘smack’ but how does the GTX750TI perform in other render engines (Octane, Redshift, Corona etc)?

If someone that has one of these cards running it day to day I’d like to hear from you. :smiley: