Going in for the kill

Experimenting a bit, and ended up with this!

ZBrush, Blender, Cycles, PS CS6. About 15 mins work.

Very interesting artwork

That is nice for 15 mins of work. I really like it.

Rise of the phoenix will create a new time of glory and freedom, and simplicity. But before that… There will be sacrifices…

Where is zbrush used in this work, I’m curious.

For the initial sculpt of the bird shape which I then pulled out to make what you see :slight_smile:

Looks good. Dont get whats the point bragging about 15mins which is truly bullshit :smiley: Nobody does colours, rendering, postpro and design like that in 15 minutes, unless he has done it before and just replicates the shit all over again.

anyway gj


However, I wasn’t bragging about anything. You’ll notice in any of my other works, I always put how long it took to make, and 99% of the time it takes anywhere from 8-15 hours total.

This really did take me about 15 minutes. I’m a very fast worker, a lot of the time to my own demise as I make silly mistakes. I already had the material saved in my own library, it’s a car paint shader, and the rendering itself took around 4 minutes. I flew through it without planning it first, and it ended up looking alright :slight_smile:

I really like this, the pose is impressive and the style makes a nice change. I need to start learning zBrush more. I’ve only really ever used it for organic modeling/details. What was the workflow here? Was all the modeling done in zbrush?

Really impressive!