going insane I just can not get UV´s right.

I must missing something. I try to unwrap simple shapes like a scabbard or swordhandle but after cutting it in half so it´s just some simple oval cylinder shapes with little to no distortions I still get uv´s where the flatter part of the cylinder are ok but the side of the oval is way to small Uv wise compared to the flatter side.

Relaxing doesn´t change anything and only scaling the trouble parts up makes them sort of ok. But it is such a simple shape, shouldn´t the lcsm be able to get the proportions right for me? It´s as if more complex models like heads work better…

I’m not sure about this, but I think Blender averages out the size of the UVs to make it simpler to work with. I personally don’t like it, but there is probably a way to turn off that effect. Anybody else know?