going onto the darkside... -_-

man I am dirt poor I dont even have enough money to catch the bus to go to an interveiw -_-. So now I am llooking at an offer I got two years ago and thats porn… Cartoon porn… Now the things I draw get close to nudity but I made a promise I may now have to break just to get somewhere… Also thinking of just calling every business in my yellowbook just to see if they want a website or something…

any suggestions?

ok dude i would do anything to persue my dreams and i plan too do what u must we wont hate you in any way or put you down in any way ok?

I dont think that porn is the ‘darkside’, people do it for a living.
People make cartoons for children, and they like it, why should porn be so bad? Most people like it… annyways

Annyways, Do what you have to. I wont hate you for it :wink:

I would go ahead and do it until you find something better. You should look into doing album covers. It seems everyone has a band these days.

Yeah, i heared about something like that :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s tough getting work in the arts business. I’m the same but with 3D. To be honest, if I got the offer to do cartoon porn or whatever, I would snap it up straight away. The trouble as you’ve pointed out is that porn is over a certain line of morality and people don’t want to know you if you have that association, especially in America, which is more of a religious country.

I saw Ron Jeremy on tv saying that he wanted to be a mainstream actor but nobody wants him because he is so set in the porn industry. What a few people do is use an alias so that real people don’t know who you are. Like if you signed all your pictures or were on film credits with the name sutabi but your real name is Sam Jones then I’m not going to know any different in a job interview.

Who knows, you might make so much money in the porn industry that you’ll never need to find another job. I’ve seen cartoon porn artists with around 1000 members on their sites. Now each has to pay about $15 a month so that’s about $180,000 a year and they maybe do one new drawing every couple of days. Now if there are 3 people maintaining the site - artist, web techy and customer support, that’s still good money.

i see you argument, but what about doing some of both, you could get a retail job part time, and do the cartoon part time, it is not all or nothing. you profile says you live by the ocean, and you cant find work. dont you guys have a boardwalk go out and do caricature on the beach, sell portraits of the beach. porn is a tricky business, and what do you tell your parents, girl, children. have you noticed i have thought about this before. me and a pal came very close to opening up a porn site, and let me tell you it would have killed any site out there, and we would have made lots of money, and i dont think my parents would really care, but it was a matter of what you do is pretty much your life. so on that note i would say try to find somthing else, or if you must just do it part time. i wouldnt hate you if you did it kind of thing its just that i have seen way too many artist with extrodinary talent do porn and i think as much as i try not too, what a fu##ing waste, here is someone with unbeliveable talent and their just pissing it away. its a two way argument… i say dont do it, be poor, keep your talent and your love for art clean and you will find another way.

If I were you and had your knowledge of the gameengine I’d put together a walkthru of a log cabin or something like that and send a copy to everyone I could find in the industry telling them that if they send you a brochure you’d do one for each of their models. Kitchen and bathroom designer and sales outlets, landscapers, the town planning department for new developments (and it doesn’t just have to be in your town), museums that have websites, historic and cultural renovation societies, tourism associations that might prefer an animated flythru rather than just a map…
I’m sure you could think of more.

Check out:


This may sound weird but there’s a always a real demand for advertising banners for the internet… most big companies let graphic designers make them and yes… it’s stupid work and it’s not hight-end and not 3D …but I know people almost LIVING off making banners…


There’s porn… and there’s erotic art. Of course if we talk about demand, then we are mostly talking about porn but what always hits me is that when sexuality is involved with art there are always people that react in a certain way. Over at CGtalk there was a long thread about nudity (not even ‘sexuality’) in 3D art and most people look down on artists that integrate nudity in their work, especially if it is erotic. And in many cases it has to do with the subject (women) being beautifull, ugly women are not deemed sexual I believe %|

There is a fine line to be watched of course, but it is a matter of taste to decide what is art and what is not. And there are several very famous graphic artists that do (or did) art with very pornographic content. One goud example is Giger… take a look here (I think his work is awesome) :

Or take a look around the website of Clive Barker: http://www.clivebarker.com/html/visions/visions.html

Well, if you do it and you want to put your work on a resume just call it Anime… No offense to you anime guys but I’ve seen some F’ed up movies at my local video store. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, work is work…if the company is legit and it’s not some weirdo with a computer in his garage I say why not, just tell your family you’re doing figure study for a company or something. :slight_smile:

…cartoon porn I didn’t realize there was a market for that. Not my cup of tea but to each his (or hers…eh, his) own.

Good luck!


Uh oh, we’ve got a funny guy on our hands…

I know, I know…not all Anime is like that. I’ve this arguement with a buddy of mine. :stuck_out_tongue: %|

PORN IS THE DARK SIDE ?!? :o :o :o [/b]

Personally I am againsd anything that is porn, the only problem is how big the industry has gotton, many billions of dollars and more movies then Hollywood itself. Plus people usually get their first exposure to porn when they’re like 8 or so as i’ve read before. :-?

I have nothing against porn. I think it’s very informative and entertaining. They don’t teach you what a piledriver is in sex ed. so without porn, how would you ever know?

I can quite believe that kids get exposed to porn at 8 these days but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. I started being sexually aware when I was 6 but was kept largely in the dark until I was about 16 when I eventually got internet access.

Also, I think the reason the industry makes so much money is because they tend to charge more money for stuff. Some dvds cost as much as $50 and more.

Kids go online and accidently run into porno stuff, or their parents look at porn. Anyway I can blab againsd porn all day, but the last thing I want is an angry mob going after me.

I have one, but it doesn’t seem to be too popular. You seem to be of the mentality that if you don’t get a job in your chosen field you just won’t get a job.

Suck it up and get a job in a fast food place, department store, restaraunt, or some other “menial” job. If you get one that doesn’t work you 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday you’ll have a weekday or two off per week, which will give you plenty of time to set up interviews, plus the bus fare to get to the job (you may have to borrow money to get started out, if public transportation is your only option).

Even if they work you Monday through Friday (or even seven days a week) from morning to afternoon you can still set up interviews. When my brother wanted to change companies (same field, he was just upset with the company he worked for) he would work until late afternoon, then go on interviews.

The bottom line is, if you think any job is “beneath” you then you won’t make it. The burger flipper is just as necessary as the graphics artist. The construction worker is just as necessary (maybe even more so) as the web site designer.

Just suck it up, go to McDonald’s, Hardees, Arby’s, Burger King/Hungry Jack’s, Wal-Mart, Target, and any other place that might be hiring and look for a better job in your downtime.

Hah just to let you know I’ve been tring to get a job anywhere… 3 days ago I applied for a job at arby’s yeah I am guessing I didn’t get it the same for Jackin the box. and appling for a dishwasher @ retirement homes… no luck so far. Also found and site that would take my nude art I guess…

But I will take everything in consideration and try that walkthough idea. Thanks

p.s. Sorry if I made some roaring in the forum…

Sorry about the misunderstanding. It’s just that I’ve seen many people here of the mindset that if they don’t get into their chosen field they’re going to remain unemployed until they do, when there are jobs out there that will give them more than enough time to break into their chosen profession.