Going pro

I am still only 15 so it is a long time off.

Can I go pro using blender or do I have to learn 3ds max or maya etc?

learn them all. and many others :wink:

The important thing for going pro is having a good demo reel of your work. It doesn’t matter what software you use to produce it. However, you’ll more than likely have to use Max or Maya in the industry, so some familiarity in either package is recommended.

For now, though, stick with Blender and just practice your craft. You can worry about learning other packages later.

You now if you see an awesome painting it is not important what pencil you used to draw it. It is the same with blender. They will look at the end result and judge you of it and not the software you used. It is more important to learn skills you can use always (e.g. composition, storytelling…)
And by the way a lot of big companies uses their own software and everybody who wants to work there has to learn them when they start working ;D