Going realistic critic the sh*t out of it plz . : )

The head looks great; the neck texturing needs a little work – it’s too smooth and featureless. I thought the dark hair style looked the best.

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I know right ?! , dark hair always looks better on 3d models for some reason… :smiley: but I really wanna make her blonde this time :smiley: but will probly end up making her brown headed :smiley: … yes will work on that, thx mate

hello and thx ! :slight_smile: ouch 2weeks… think I would go crazy, as for now I cant even look at a good tv series without catching my self looking on how the actors head is shaped and forgetting about what the show is about :smiley:

hello guys, some updates. changed the face abit ( think I made her more beutiful ) and still need some work on the eyes…

stuff to fix :
upper eyelashes… dreadful
Hair …
the neck
They eyes… .
Add assymetry, and add som face hairs…

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Hello guys a small update, fixed the eyes specially the shapes of it , messed around with some contrast aswell on the colur wise on the image …

fixed the eyelashes, and the pupills aswell… tell me what u think cheers

The eyebrowns are next on the list and later to work more on the main hair cheers

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messed around with an hdri light source aswell and changed the hair colour just to try stuff out… got pretty different contrast and skin colour out of it…

Hair look muuuch better now. The edges are weirdly blurry but that seems to be transparency problem.
Talking about the white version of course. Still need a bit smoothening on the parting spot, but now they do look realistic.

Also, her eyes now. This gif kind of describes that:

Also, check out particles children settings. Play with Kink, for example Wave. It gives amazing results with zero to none effort.

Thx man Will look Into that ! Haha i do not understand the GIF at all tho :smile:

Looking good. Can you show the hair shader nodes. It looks kind of cool like bleached blonde, but it doesn’t look that much like hair, it’s lacking that angled and colored specularity.

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Hey Photox, well its nothing fancy yet, here it is. but will probly change it to my own that I had on my latest model…

okay so here comes some updates…

Really think my eyes look pretty good for now, the lashes aswell is decent… added som facial hair aswell, not very noticeble but breaks the light abit, but will add some more.
The eyebrowns is horrible and will be fixed , and the hair looks like fur so that will be fixed aswell… but ye here it is for now…

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It’s pretty kick ass, it really is. The hair could stand a few groups that have a darker color, there all too similar, but overall it’s really good. But I think you’re kind of stuck tweaking, and making a lot of lateral moves on it. I think it’s time for big changes, an extremely asymmetrical facial pose. Start adding a shirt, adding a small, not overbearing, scene to compliment it. It’s awesome, so finish it up and ship it!

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I’d stick to Principled Hair shader.

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Bloody hell i say you keep doing what you are doing because this looks sick :heart_eyes:

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so ye ive spent like 4 hours today trying to make some adjustments , fix the hair, and noticing that I can make some scull adjustment, and yada yada yada and its ruined… :smiley: … .So im gonna take photox advice and move on, the hair im gonna tackle later, maybe im going with the hair on previous image just some more layers. anyways my last pic before some more stuff like a middle body perhaps

Ive worked alot on the skin for now tho and getting pretty happy, and also added more depth in the eyes, hope that translates. cheers

It’s top shelf technically. It’s beyond the late uncanny stages and you can kind of feel the authentic spirit shining through. That’s difficult to do. But she needs her own style, clothing, a place to hang out. It needs some art to go with the technical.


I hear u :slight_smile: Will try to make something nice :slight_smile:

Probly not gonna give her a own place , she should buy it her self but perhaps give her something so she could give us a smile :smiley: , thx for the comment :slight_smile:

okay guys so worked a bit on this one, and have added a body, this is just a quick and dirty render with to big hair strands and the texture on the arms isent complete and so on yet, but this is just a test.

But ye here is where I am right now cheers

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ok couldent help my self, so I fixed the Hair and rendered this in 200 % just to be able to check some stuff out with bump maps and so on.

Things to fix , the neck /clavicle, the dress, and bumps on the body, and also add hair on face and the body…

What do u guys think so far ? cheers
couldent upload the PNG since it was to big so had to go with jpg here…


Looking good! :slight_smile:

Hair looks a little thin to me. Don’t know if that’s in purpose to save on render times for now or not. I’d also say it looks a little choppy too. Like she had really short hair, and it’s grown out to length.

But that’s all I got for ya. Everything else is looking great!