Going to buy Project Orange DVD?

The subject says it all, are you going to buy the Orange Open Movie DVD?


Personally I’m not sure whether to buy it or not, the price seems rather high at 35€ (my only income source is my parents), but then again there’s a lot of stuff in it :). I’m leaning towards buying it though.

Project Orange official site:

Already ordered it in fact.


or… will wait till it’s released, download it, assess it and then make a decision.

BTW, “definitely” doesn’t have an “a” in it. Sorry, couldn’t let it pass. :slight_smile:

I ordered it. There was a thread that quickly died out about this.


I think I had an aneurysm after I saw wu’s image again. hahaha


LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually don’t do spelling errors but thanks I guess. :o

Bought it long time ago. :slight_smile:

me too… now only waiting for it :wink:


Can we use the included content for models and animations that we sell or only for artistic personal use? If we can use it in models, images and animations we sell, then I think I might buy this…

There should be another option ‘Already bought/ordered it.’ :slight_smile:

It looks like there are a number of CC license types. All Orange states is that they are going to distribute under CC. That doesn’t tell me anything. Look here:


They do say this on their website: “for you to inspect and use however you please.” But I don’t believe that is definitive. I wish they had said something like we are releaseing it under CC as PD… public domain, no rights reserved. But I suspect it will be something like share alike or Non commercial. If it is one of those, that means we have to make our professional work that uses their content, freely available to the public or not use it at all in professional work. Does anoyone have the clear answer to this?

Oooh, found this:

Creative Commons License

/ by Ton

After a careful study of the possibilities, we’ve decided to adopt the Creative Commons for both the end-product (movie) and for the all the files that were used in the creation process (.blend files, models, textures). We’ll adopt a license allowing freedom to commercialy re-use it, make derivative works and distribute it at choice. The final text of the license will be published in September.

The software as being developed, for Blender, will of course be published under GNU GPL.

I got it for Christmas from my parents.:smiley: Now I’m counting down until mid-late March.;):P8)



thanks for digging out the quote from Ton - we definitely should be more explicit about it on the website, like tell the license, but are also busy with certain other things … like making a movie and a compositing tool (excuses excuses!)


I pre-purchased it a long time ago because I always wanted my name in the credits to a movie. Pre-orders before (can’t remember the date) are included in the credits…I hope…
Plus it’s a way of supporting these excellent coders and the work/features they’ve put into Blender because they needed them for the movie. 35 euros is cheap for all that I get out of it!

me too, except that I never used a credit card or paypal before, so I think my payment did not make it on time. But $42.00 or whatever it was was not a bad deal.

Now I want Orange, the game.

Blender 2.3 Guide … check
Blender Gamekit … check
Blender T-Shirt … check
Orange DVD PreOrder … check

It is my opinion that there is no excuse for anyone to select “undecided” from the Poll. Given the 10 year history of Blender and the quality of the software over that same time it seems like a slap in the face of the developers.

I understand that there are many who have financial concerns which make it difficult and that is ok. If you can’t give financially please contribute to Blender and the community as best as you can in other ways be it spell checking the documentation, writing a tutorial, or even posting a .blend file to help someone learn.

I am just really gratefull that I have been fortunate enough to be able to contribute financially and do not mean to offend those who can’t.

It’s just that “undecided” just rubs me the wrong way some how.


P.S. Is the “Material Library CD” available any longer?? I would like to purchase this as well (preferrably from the Blender Foundation)

slap in the face… that’s an extreme view. :-?

I think it is perfectly okay to be ‘undecided’. By the way, is it a slap in Blender developers face when you don’t know if you’re going to buy someones work with it? %|

I have been called “outspoken”, “opinionated” and “intimidating” many times in my life. Upon reflection I also tend to exaggerate to punctuate a point. There are things that we are all passionate about wether positive or negative and at times the expression of such is somewhat dramatic.

I have a high regard for all who have been involved with supporting the Blender Foundation over the years. I may not communicate this often so when I do I tend to be a bit intense while doing so. :slight_smile:

Besides, elysiun is the best place to be intense about our favorite software.

When I consider the purpose of the Orange project and all the extras included with an Extended DVD purchase I still hold my point.