Going to release a couple of guides for anyone looking to learn photoscanning

Apologies if this isn’t allowed, I know it’s basically advertising but I did make this in part because I genuinely thought it could help people (I wish I had a guide when I began…).

So I’ve just finished close to a final draft on a two-part guide to doing photoscanning (aka photogrammetry, but without the emphasis on measurements) which covers taking your photographs (what the accompanying guide is about), creating a scan in Photoscan, cleaning this up in Blender and creating a lower res model, doing a basic de-lighting setup, etc. I plan to release this as soon as I’ve refined it some more (hopefully within a week or two) for about $10, it was going to be free but it ended up being too much of a time investment.

EDIT: I will be putting this on gumroad, you can follow me for an update when I release this https://gumroad.com/james___uk

Sorry for the bump but I’ve got this done now if anyone is interested: https://gumroad.com/l/IuUu Decided to set a bit of a lower price for release.

Any feedback/comments are highly appreciated