Going to six flags

Hey I’m going to six flags tomorrow. I’m trying to come up with ideas of cool stuff to do. Like on XKCD where they glue down the chess pieces and such. I’m definitely bringing a camera, and I’m going to try and get pictures whilst going on a coaster.

Any ideas?

We can’t give you exact ideas specific for the park if you don’t tell us which Six Flags park you’re going to.

Have a great time and look forward to any pictures you bring back. I’m so excited for you!

Going to the one in North Texas. Still open for ideas for something crazy to do. I’ll check this thread again in the morning.

I’ve been there, the Texas Giant is so rickety in some places I would be surprised if you could hold a camera still on some parts.

There’s also some illusionary wonder tour in a mexican house setting that’s kind of short and I thought wasn’t the best I’ve seen it’s not a total time waste, you’re supposed to say “oooh aaaw” when you get signaled.

The Tour Guy doesn’t want you calling him Puss’n Boots, but call him that anyway because I thought parts of his tour is lame:D

Haha, ok. I’ll do that. I think they’re closing the Texas Giant for updating. I hear they’re going to rebuild it in a new design. But it will still be wooden.