Going to space

Hello there!
this is my entry for the BG competition.
I recreated the “Cupola” from the iss and created a nice scenery for it. Everything is 3D, no image backdrop. The only textures used are for the cliuds and for the paper. The northern lights are done with some shader magic :wink:

Deviantart link:

WIP Pictures:

Beautiful. Saw this tweeted by Thomas a couple of hours ago, I hope @Astro_Alex gets to see it.

Have you got the four glass panes per window?

Only 2 panes in the end. I thought i had to render the image by my own, so i reduced transparencs bounces with only 2 panes. In the end i could have taken 4 panes, as several people helped me rendering that image :wink:

The two panes work great :slight_smile: Pixel peeping at the detail, I noticed the double reflection on the scratch pane and primary pressure pane.

All we need now is an animation :slight_smile: