Going to the Street Market

New illustration done! About something that I really like to do, going to the street market. :rabbit:

Made with Blender only.

Hope you like it and feel free to ask any questions.



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Looks good :slight_smile:
What did you use to create hair?

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Thank you! I’ve used hair particles and the add-on Hair Extension Toolkit, it has some very handy features like convert curves into hair, merge or split strands without loosing your styling.

I’ve first create the hair with curves like in this image and then converted the curves to hair particles.


Thank you for detailed workflow description!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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love it! but a real punk would be taking their friend’s biodiesel modified shortbus to trader joes at 1am the night the milk hits its sell-by date so you can get all kinds of vegetables AND milk for the squat and to cook a bunch of stir fry for food not bombs later on the weekend… lol. I kid, “punk” isnt a pissing contest… but man, i kinda miss those days

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Nice work! :100: :ok_hand:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Really like to watercolour style shading on the skin.

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waaa bad brainsss!!! nice job!!!


Great job lucasfalcao! I was wondering, did you start with the character in a “T” pose then rig it somehow to get it into the final pose? If so, what method did you use to rig the character?

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Thank you! I’ve modeled right on the pose like in the image. You can parent parts to have a very simple “rig” and then I was joining and remeshing parts together as I needed.


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