going up a hill problem and how to make fire?

-when my box(player) goes up a hill or a ramp he follows the ramp up and in the end he makes a little jump
how can i make the player that he stands on a diagonal ground without sliding down or doing that weird jump so that he just follows the inclination of the ground and stands there?
im using the mouselook script of ryuzakisan which includes dynamic moving so i dont use servo motion
should i use servo?

-i want to make a burning skull in the game engine but the fire has to move
ive seen some tutorials where u use a plane and an image of a flame as uv but thats not what im searching

any advice?
any tutorials?

make the box (player) a rigid body and he will be level with the hill. for the falling down the ramp, ive ran into this problem before, just add a “anti gravity force” a velocity force, upward at about .098 add usualy works for me but mess with it.

Flame is realy hard in bge ive had a hard time with it. i found that a the general shape of the fire you want with a fire video, will give a semi-realistic fire, that runs quickly. i would like to learn another way for my next project also.

now that the box is a rigid body i move to the right and the box trips

as soon as i make a move into any direction he flips all over

ya it will do that… hmm… oh set your rotation damping a little higher. its in the phisics tab near the botom

my problem is that weird jump
as soon as the box is finished with the motion on the ramp he makes a little jump (without going in any direction)

i tried all collision bounds but it still jumps in the end

can you provide a test blend?