Going wrong animation of 2nd wing

Hi, I have been trying to complete the Swarm Of Bees tutorial, but I keep going wrong with the animation of the 2nd wing.
I have saved the bee up to the 1st wing is animated, and that one works fine. It’s when I try to animate the 2nd wing it all goes haywire.
I follow all the steps but when I press play the only one that moves is the 2nd wing & that one leaves the body at frame 5, but it does not appear on the Outliner.

I have doe the complete tutorial 5 or 6 times but I still get the same result, I am adding a screenshot to try to explain what is happening. Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks Mac

It must be in the Outliner, you just can’t see it. Hit Numpad-+ so you can see the whole tree and you’ll find it parented to something else. If you upload the blend we can dissect it for a better diagknowsis.


Hi Sorry I am late getting back to you. Can you explain how I can upload the Blend please.Thanks Mac


Go there and sign up (he’s a blenderhead). Then upload your file. When it’s done uploading it’ll give you a link in ![ Image Tags ]( Image Tags ) like that. Click “URL” above it to get rid of the tags, copy that link and post it in your post here.


Thanks for the help.

Where is the link to the tutorial ?

It looks like you never setup a hook for the other wing

As for going “haywire” I’d have to see the tutorial, I haven’t used hooks much and I’m not sure how the hooks are supposed to be setup for this example.


You had either 4 or 5 wings in the same spot and they weren’t positioned properly. I just deleted them all, duplicated the other wing separated them from them from the bee mesh and re-parented to the appropriate wing MT.


They’re not hooks.

you hooked the left wing to the right empty :wink: fixed it for you, here’s the working blend:

looking foreward for the swarm ;-))

@RamboBaby: They are hooks, take a look at the blend ;-))

Hmmm, missed the black dot on the wing that was set up properly, guess I was looking too hard at the other one. I really don’t get it why they set a tutorial up this way though.

Hi, Thanks to all of you, it was starting to do my head in.

I rigged up the bee with an armature … some improvements could be made to the weight painting :


and here’s an idea I had :slight_smile:


Hi, Thats good Mike, the formula on the blackboard must have been the one I was using.

I had something silmilar happening with the wings jumping around, but eventually I did get the wings to stay in one place: delete all the keyframes and re-"i"key it. (If you’re still having problems.)

Quick question: Have you set up the emitter plane yet? I’ve been having problems with the wings showing up in the final render/animation, not sure if the problem is the hooks or something else… ?