Goku vs Superman

I animate fight scenes for the Death Battle series on ScrewAttack. I was hired from episode 20 and on, and so far I’ve animated for six episodes. The basic premise of the series is to thoroughly analyze two (or sometimes more) characters from popular fiction in an effort to find out who would win in a battle. The latest episode is the largest undertaking to date, being Goku vs Superman. This project was a huge undertaking, and the animation for this episode took nearly four months and has received a significantly greater amount of effort than prior episodes.

Blender and After Effects were used to create it. Blender was used for everything except the character models, textures, and of course most of the visual effects which were made with After Effects. However, the character models required a lot of geometry cleanup, re-texturing, new materials, and I rigged and animated the characters from scratch.

Please note that I am specifically responsible for the fight scenes. The character analysis and narration before and after the fight scene in every episode are Ben and Chad’s work, I have no part in that portion of the episodes.
While I animate every episode with Blender and AE, this episode is much longer, is significantly greater quality, and features fully 3d animation as opposed to the usual sprite animation. It demonstrates many aspects of Blender’s functionality.

Here it is, I’d love to hear your feedback.
The animation starts at about 17:00
Now on Youtube:


Very nice, I like the action and the fight was cool

Sorry, but is there another source to watch it? When I tried it looked like there was some pretty awful corruption going on. Then no-script gave me a possible threat warning. Not sure what the cause was but it was unwatchable on my end. I tried other video sites to see if it was my computer but they all ran normally. So I dunno if it’s a problem with the player or what.

I don’t have time to sit through a minute commercial to watch your video. Perhaps vimeo or youtube would be a better host.

i guess its a good advert, didn’t look much like superman though. guess i must have switched off before goku showed up, it was kind of dragging on a bit

I had a feeling about who won the fight, but as stated, it was better off hosted on a different site. The facial animations could use some work and the camera placement would be better to help depict the emotions of the characters more. It would’ve been great if the ground was more destructive since in both series that could happen in a fight.

Whoa, YOU’RE Mr. Lange? The guy who’s making the Helix animation program and made that old Sonic vs Shadow animation on Newgrounds? I never expected to find you in this community. Also a big fan of ScrewAttack, and I’ve enjoyed all the Death Battles, including the ones you’ve done so I bet I’ll enjoy this one. :smiley:

The video cannot be hosted elsewhere, it is ScrewAttack’s show and its gotta be there for now, sorry about that. I would truly appreciate it if anyone would be willing to sit through ads or what have you to see the animation. Also, it technically starts at 17 minutes in, after the whole character analysis and short DBZ Abridged bit.

Believe me, doing terrain damage and such was on my mind, but this was a very time limited project. I had to focus on the key events first and ensure certain things came out good. Ultimately this took most of my time. Destructable terrain types of effects are very difficult to do in Blender, or at least very tedious to pull off right. I could have done an animated displacement map, but that would have required very high res terrain meshes, something my lousy computer would choke on. Any other way would take a whole lot of time. As for faces and character animation, I’m aware of what is lacking and exactly how to improve it all, my only limit being time. I did a lot in four months so this came out quite well for such an accelerated project, especially since I’m the only one responsible for the animation.

Saw this on facebook. Its very entertaining. If you already know the facts of the two skip to 15 min for the fight.

Come on guys get ad blocker for your browser, never watch a commercial online again, Simple…

Some ads can’t be blocked on certain websites. It wasn’t a pop up ad some people get once they arrived at the website. It was built inside the player it self and couldn’t be skipped.

Hmm, I didn’t see any ad, maybe I got lucky.

On topic and throwing some gas into the fire:
Goku is the better man. Superman is a BITCH.

awesome work man! How long did the entire fight scene take about? It was pretty entertaining, I didnt think goku would lose but then again I guess I was going into kind of biased lol. Kudos man! (also, epic scientific break down of each person haha, that was awesome)

Yeah I’m completely bias for the Z Fighters. I’ll take Anime (even DB) over N. American Comic books anyday (:

The most epic thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Well once I finally got to the fight (20 mins in) – it was very well done. Terrible classic animation, but very good anime style animation

The world is as it is because people continue to like fights and support militaries and drones.

finally got time to watch it properly, was a lot of fun :slight_smile:

What does that statement has to do with the animation?

I guess he posted in the wrong thread, as i see no links at all between an animation about fictional characters and some horrible things happening in the real world, the wars, the murders, terrorism and etc…

That was epic :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!