Hi there, I’m trying to model the poison-pokemon Golbat. My third attempt to model an animal head.
I only have the head and it’s still not perfect. Some problems with the skin near the ears, but they will soon be fixed.

Theeth (no not the administrator), wings and legs will come soon.

Here you can find him: http://www.freewebs.com/marcoscosci/Blender/Golbat.htm

Tell me what you think so far, if you mind.

cool have you tried using toon edges/shading on him? also i personally might set the lamp to no specular.

I haven’t tried it yet, because I would like to make a 3d-Golbat and with toonshading does it look more 2d.


cartoonish is what Pokemon are supposed to be, it would look better in toon shading.

yep, use toonedges and lower the spec. (and it’s teeth not theeth :P)


All right, you win, I didn’t use toon shaders, but I enabled no specular.
I added legs. The next time there will be teeth and wings. Then it rocks.

So I guess you are the first one to make the mistake kinda backwards… :wink:

After a long time doing other Blenderthings, I decided to finish my Golbat.
Here is are the updates:

I’ll post the last one in the finished projects.