Gold coins

It’s easier to be rich in blender’s world… :slight_smile:
I was just having fun with my default scene and a gold shader.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Not so sure about the camera effect, but the gold looks great. Care to share how you made the material? Or post a .blend with material settings? Is it procedural?

Very nice shader, but the edges kind of distract.

Maybe add some decoration on the walls to minimize the re-used scene look, and wouldn’t gold coins usually be stacked on a table?

I agree, the diffraction and blur is a bit much, but the gold looks nice.

Wow, I love all of it, the camera effect, the textures, and especially the lighting, not that my opinion is worth much, but I think it’s awesome.

Pix, I like the coins very much. Would be nice to see them in some meaningful context. How about a bunch of pro players sitting on a poker table in a casino (or cowboys in a saloon, gangsters in a bar)? How about a pirate enjoying his wealth in a hidden bay or cave, counting money and drinking rum with fellow pirates? How about Donald Duck walking his “anti stress trail” (a path through staples of money)? How about a wallstreet traders nightmare, money slipping through his hands?

This is a really nice image :slight_smile: looks great

The coin material is very realistic (upload to blender-materials maybe? ;)), but I think the lens distortion is a bit to extreme… maybe lower the distortion amount a little bit?

Are you sure you don’t mean Scrooge McDuck? I think he was the one with the money.

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