Gold Fish (can this be moved to WIP)

Gold Fish


not bad :slight_smile:

those reminds me of those little animal shapped crackers

Maybe try adding a some water-y background to it - or build a fishtank around them - just that as of now its a bit empty


Cool! Just wondering, is this modeled from my fish tutorial? The one found here:

it is I was playing around and my kids liked it and wanted to use it as a desk top. I liked the way the short lamp distance looked with the black back ground almost like mist or fake dof.

What you almost got there a very nice way of using materials. If you just play around with the materials and try to make it more look like clay, it’s perfect.
I’ve seen a website full of useless renders but all of them were funny as well and had really cool titles, but the most awesome thing about those renders was that when you kept viewing them it gave you the idea if it was made of clay instead of using a 3D application.

And your render comes close to that feeling. :slight_smile: really

added a lamp
this is geting crazy
a little bit of Gimp to