Gold material with N K, but no golden reflections

I’ ve made gold material with n k coefficients,but reflections are not golden as they should be (i think).
In the node setup,the color is the combination of the 3 fresnel factors for red,green,blue, and then plugged in
a glossy shader node.Fresnel factors are calculated with conductors fresnel formula.
In the renders,particularly with an environmental image as background,we can see this problem.
The other image is the reflectivity of the 3 color channels, with an emission node.
I really need help.Thank you!


Looks a bit pale and desaturated, but I can’t see any obvious mistakes although I prefer to use artistic friendly myself (two colors pluss white, rather than nk that doesn’t tell me anything). Since I don’t know this stuff, do you maybe need to gamma correct the color (say gamma 2.2, if you’re in sRGB)? I’m sorry, I’m just guessing here.

Or do you mean the NK math produce the wrong curves? Although I don’t know the math involved, probably best to post the contents of them.