Gold Thing

Hey there,
this is just the result of some doodling around in the morning.
I would like to get some critique for the images^^.

And here is the .blend file glitzerdings.blend (3.51 MB)

Video tutorial(German):

Crank up the lighting! Love the torus knot! :smiley:

thanks for the quick reply^^
What would you like better?


(brighter lamps)

Don’t need AO if you are using GI, I think the brighter lights look a lot better. Just changing the sky from it’s default gray helps too :smiley:

i know that it could help but this scene is in a closed room… so gi wouldnt be very helpful^^

Open the room then, let the love in :smiley:

i could do it… but it worked well with brighter lamps or just the ao so i dont have to

The bling is pretty good for CGI
the gems are a little disappointing in contrast…