Gold Vase

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Its been a while since I’ve posted any new renders. Here is a simple vase modled using Nurbs Curves and BevOb. The wall texture is a bump made made in Photoshop and the marking on the vase is also. 3 spotlights(BufSi 2560, SpotSi 126.30 Samples 10, Soft 10) and one lamp (default settings) are used to light the scene.

All feedback is welcome.

Gold Vase (Old)


(S68) #2

Not bad :slight_smile:

I’m usure of where your photoshop texture is superior to blender built in stucci (wallout) texture.

Vase design is cool, but handles needs working.

They abruptly end on one side and are attached unnicely to the vase to on the other :slight_smile:

Keep it up


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Thanks for the feedback Stefano. Yes the handles need work. I’m going to convert them to meshes and edit them. I’m not sure but I don’t think I can get pits in the wall using the stucci texture.

(digitalSlav) #4

the stucci texture has an in out button so yes it’s fesable. agree with the handles :frowning: also you might make the rounded edges of the stamp on the front a little less noticable… they spread a little far.

other than that nice work as always :slight_smile:

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I will check out the ‘Out’ button in the Stucci texture ASAP. I will also take a look at the Nor settings regarding the stamp as well.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Update. The Handles have been edited (still using BevOb), and the stamp adjusted (Gaussian Blur in PS edited and Contrast setting in Blender lowered from 2 to 1). Lighting changed to use 4 spots.

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Thanks paradox.

One other adjustment that made a diference was my Ref (Diffuse) Material setting which decides how much color is seen. Lowering it helped a lot. The specular highlights ‘tell’ what the vase’s color is.

(paradox) #9

I agree the diffuse change did make it look more real and better contrast with the highlights. In the first picture I thought the design was part of the reflection but in the second I could definitely tell it was a raised design. Well done. Sometimes you just have to adjust all the buttons until you get the right effect.

(VelikM) #10

Nice vase! It looks more like bronze than gold though. Gold is a little more yellow.
Reference for the color of gold: (7 ounces)

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Thanks for the comment and ref pic. Maybe I should have used a ref pic for gold. I’m glad you like it though.

(BaDbOyHeRe) #12

looks expensive

(ec2) #13

Don’t worry. Its free. Like Blender.