Golden Angle

First draft for this project. I just learned the mathematics behind this pattern and thought I’d try it out in blender. Ideas for improvement are welcome. I’d like to keep the image as simple as possible so as not to distract from the pattern.


Thanks for viewing!

Stay tuned…

I just thought of an idea to make this a more interesting image. No spheres, I promise. But it will still be based on this pattern.

Wow, this is really cool. I love how this pattern looks.

Dude, you can use all the shiny spheres you want, if you’re going to be making stuff like that! Very nice!

so you used a script to do this right?
I hate mathematics…but anyways, the image has something to it

btw: your linked image is not 1600x1600 but 800x800 :wink:

Yes, that pattern is a crowd-pleaser because it is based on the mathematical ratio Phi (the Golden Ratio), which was popularized in the ubiquitous The Da Vinci Code.

Phi was popular much earlier than that. I promise. :wink:

Agreed. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I said “popularized”, not “popular”. Phi was popular with the ancient Greeks, but the great unwashed of the current era were blissfully unaware of it until all the media hype of the DVC movie made it “trendy” and “mainstream”, and plagued us with hordes of instant experts who think that merely being able to pronounce “Fibonacci sequence” makes them mathematicians.

Judging by your post I’d say you agree with me. :wink:

I wish I did have a script, that would have made it a lot easier. The pattern is very easy to make, just tedious. I started out with a vertice and duplicated it over and over - 137.5 degrees clockwise from the previous vertice. When it started to overlap, I scaled that particular vertice outward from the center a bit to preserve the angle. Then I started to use spindup to speed up the process. Then I parented a spere to it and turned on dupliverts.

I rendered it 1600x1600. Photobucket must have scaled it down. Thanks for pointing that out.

Funny how man tends to get credit for things when it was found in nature all along - specifically in plants. Take a look at the center of a sunflower close up. It’s cool how man figured out the geometry behind it, though.

Actually, there are those who theorize that the reason human beings find the ratio Phi to be so visually pleasing is because it is found so often in nature.

It is astonishing how often Phi shows up even when the artist was unaware of it. You even find it in things like playing cards, house windows, and table tops.

Yes, and you nearly made me spray tea out of my nose, so kudos. :wink:

My other idea:

I think it needs some more contrast
eg. use white or black as the background or use more vibrant colours.
Imo the 1st one was better