Golden Cave

I love the lighting! Beautiful honey in the sun, lol.

The intricacy on that fireplace… is that modeled? Just a displacement map? Can you clue me in a little?

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Very nice render. Is 60 bounces not too much. Some say that everything more than 10 is not noticeable. Wasn’t render time too much because of that? Wondering how it would look like with less bounces :slight_smile:

keep BLENDing

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@Rasmus_Toftdahl Thank you! It depends. I usually model less time-consuming stuff myself (kitchen cabinets, tables etc) but I really like to buy good looking stuff to ensure higher quality and save lots of time. For shaders, I have to do it on my own because most models I get are for 3ds Max.

@arcarsenal Thank you so much, that food shot is probably my favorite here! That fireplace is a 3D model with no displacement texture. Might even be a scan because it had a pretty weird topology.

@KRUChY Thanks, mate! It’s mostly because of the grass on the table. It consists of transparent hairs and unlike to a particle system, it needs those transparent bounces to avoid clipping to black as it overlaps in many different places. I also add some extra glossy bounces to help my glass look more realistic. It gets rid of internal reflection clipping that’s causing parts of a glass object to appear black.

Nice work!

I am quite new into texturing and shading. You wrote that you had to do most things yourself. Do you use something like substance designer to create the materials Like for procedural texturing or do you use the shader nodes in blender ?

Thanks for your answer!
Hope you do well…

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Very nice work and attention to the detail. About color grading, did you use the compositor in Blender or you use another software after it with a LUT?

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@DreamInk Thanks! Models I buy often come with a set of textures for them so it’s just a matter of setting up the nodes. When it comes to the stuff I make myself, I usually make materials using textures from Poliigon or Megascans.

@alessandromichelazzi Thank you! I don’t really like Blender’s compositor and for that reason, I export my renders as EXR into Corona Image Editor and I play with the settings (LUT included) there. Then, I take the image to photoshop for final corrections.

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You can put a cycles render and postprocess it in the corona image editor? Where do you find this external corona editor?

I’m very interested as the filmic settings in blender are not enough for my taste to get the perfect lights/shadow balance

Wow! extraordinary renders but also mastery of the design (doesn’t matter if I may have made other style choices) it matters that you design ideas are so consistently developed. The dramatic lighting and beautiful exposures complement the design to produce Great images. Respect from me!

Is there compositing or other post processing to bloom the light from the windows?
The top two lines from the Color Management panel are missing from your settings’ screen capture. Is this Filmic? (I see “Look” is none, ie flat).
Can you please post the images before post processing for comparison?

Is there any noise left after 4000 samples? can you tell the difference before/after denoise?

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And I’m so tempted to see this design “exercise” in whites rather than dark. Same room model, different scheme and assets, around White.

Where did you get the models for the ceiling rosette and the other decorative gypsum motifs on the ceiling, cornices and wall trims?

@dbalex I’ve been experimenting with Corona Standalone for 2.79 and it turns out the image editor is actually a great tool not only for those renders made with Corona. It allows for a lot of control over overexposed areas etc.

@csimeon Thanks mate, I really appreciate it! The bloom comes directly from Corona Image Editor (I prefer it over Blender’s glare). And because I take my images as EXR files to an external editor, color management settings don’t matter because it doesn’t affect raw images.

I might do it in white once I have more free time, it would be interesting to see how it looks. Wall decor is available completely for free at the website of its Russian manufacturer: Dikart.

Top notch !! Well done mate, realistic details, perfect matching colors, you have passed perfection

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Exquisite work! Well done. For some reason, the render settings image could not be loaded?

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great work… :grinning:

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Thank you, though I’m pretty sure it could be improved if I had more time and willingness to work on it more.

Thanks a lot! I’m not sure what you mean. The image loads just fine for me.

Thank you!

great archviz! I love the mood and the light

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Hmm… that’s strange. It says “the image could not be loaded” when I click the “Settings” image on both Chrome and Firefox. Probably a bug with the website, because the first image (“Lighting”) works fine. Thanks for the reply.

@scoped, great work so far, mate! :wink:

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Thank you, glad you like it!

Thanks a lot, mate!

WOW!!! this is amazing keep up :grinning: :grinning:
i got a question if u could answer me … how do u achive such lighting in the scene?

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How did you do the molding around the chandelier?