Golden Eagle


This is a new work I did in Blender during the week. =]


3D View:

Thi is great. Hope I can learn how to use strand well.

Why hasn’t this gotten any attention yet? This is a great use of the hair particle system. There aren’t many people who try to tackle birds in 3D simply because of the amount of feathers and small details. My only criticism would be that the lighting could be a bit more interesting (looks as if there isn’t any bounced light), and it could use some more post processing. Keep up the great work!

Ricardo 3D: Beautiful work :slight_smile: fur works very well for small feathers :slight_smile: However, not so much for longer feathers. The head is perfect and dead on :slight_smile: The wings and back should use bigger feathers though. For those area I suggest modeling a few variations of feathers and using the particle hair to place them :slight_smile: But man, this is very nice work :wink: Keep it up :slight_smile:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

very well done mate … you have a done a great job … i couldn’t resist my self to comment here …everything is looking great … but still feathers has some painting kind of feel in it …

but after all good job …


Doggone it, great model. Great eyes and beak. One could almost envision a 3d version of Audubon’s bird book.

That’s…amazing. Getting birds to look bird-ish can be extremely difficult, but you’ve nailed every aspect I can think of. I don’t have much to say except that the eagle is perfect. I would have loved to see a full-body model in flight or something like that…

Thanks for the comments guys!

Is the first time I try simulate feathers, I still have much to improve, as the “JeannotLandry” commented, worked well for the small feathers, but less so for the larger feathers. I’ll see how to improve it in the next jobs that involve “feathers” hehe =]

seriously, this should be instant featured.

Amazing Work man :smiley: Beautiful scene!

pretty freaking great.

Perfect Ricardo!

Very nice, worth featuring :smiley:

really nice :smiley: though the top of the wing where it meets the body seems a little odd…

Very nice indeed! Deserves a spot in the gallery I think :smiley:

Awesome! Compliments Ricardo!!!

Very thanks for the comments guys! I’m glad you enjoyed =]

Amazing work, Thanks for sharing :smiley:

The spec is a blown out on the beak, the feathers still look more like fur.

Over all though, you nailed the colors and the forms.

Great work!