Golden gip !

Hi everybody,
I’m new around here;)
I’m curently studying mechanical design and did this model on Solidworks 2005. My teacher kept saying me that the design was weird and the solution very expensive: “How many pieces are you gonna make out of it ?” he aked me once. “Only one! And I’ll make it out of gold !” was my answer :slight_smile: So here it is!
This is a Yafray HDRI render. I started to play seriously with blender 1 month ago. I still need a lot of anderstanding about material, texture and lighting…
Any critics and coments will be very welcome.


very good. A little too good actually. You should add some slight bumps to the metal to make it look realistic. O and by the way… Welcome to Blender! I find these forums great for getting advice. :slight_smile:

And I like the design. It could be usefully clamping things a regular clamp couldn’t since the handle is sticking out the back. I’m studying mechanical engineering so I like to see all the new gadgets people make.

nice render, i think you should turn down your photon lamp a bit though, the caustics are a bit too strong. also, i would edge up the red channel for the gold material.

Sorry for taking ages to aswer :rolleyes:

Thanks guys for your answers. Your 're both right. I’ve tried to make some changes and played around with the texture of my gold material but I’m not satisfied yet :frowning: I’d like to emulate tissue stroks on polished metal (if you know what I mean ?!), got any idea ???


Looks good. So did you do the whole model in Solidworks and then import it into Blender for rendering? For tissue strokes I assume the effect you’re after is a patina of greasy streaks on the metal. If so, there’s not really an easy way of doing it that I know of. I suggest UV mapping the metal sections, taking it into Photoshop, selecting a suitably streaky brush type and hand painting something which could then be used to influence the specularity of the metal.

Did you use hdri on it? I feel like it would need it coz right now it doesn’t reflect the “room”. Nicely done anyway

Daredemo, this is HDRI, but you’re right it dosn’t reflect the environement. This is an outdoor probe. What could I change to make it reflect it (even though I’m not shure if it’s not going to make the image a little bit confused) ?

Paul J
I modeled the grip with solidworks 2005 because it’s a (precise) mechanical model from wich I made technical drawings and parts table. Then I made a copy of my SW assembly in .vrml format and imported the model using a batch loader that you can find here . The mesh that I got was very light and I hade to take care of smoothing problem in the round area.
I did another model here where the .vmlr format wasn’t precise anought for what I wanted to do, so I saved my assembly in .STL format. As my computer wasn’t originaly design for 3D it is kind of slow, so I have to make shure the mesh that I get from an STL “exporting” is not to heavy (“Option” button in the “save as” window of Solidworks).

Thanks for your suggestions for the texture. I have to try that :wink: