Golden Spiral

Just a test.


Hmmm golden spiral?

Google is your friend.:wink:

Ohhh that…Hehe do some cool animation with it :wink:

Is that traced or did you use a script to generate it?

I’m no good with scripts, I generated this by hand. Found some inaccuracies in Blender, because some of the later iterations of the golden rectangle frame are a bit messed up.

I haven’t seen that since high school! oh dear the world is going all wibbly wobbly, while I go back into the mists of time. Hmmm, maybe we should overlay your Spiral render onto all Gallery art! All those that don’t comply aren’t really art and should be sent to digital hell.

Where is Digital hell? Is there a forum?

Maybe overlay it on all the renders that want to be in the gallery and don’t make it. Might open some eyes.

I think Digital hell is what they used to call the bit bucket. End of the bus, near the serial ports… Of course with the ISB architecture, I have no idea where it is these days. There is a forum, but all the posts are locked in advance.

Wow, that would be much easier if you wrote a script for it.

Maybe, but since I don’t know how to script…

what is soo cool about this?(srry im a noob)

Golden Spiral intresting

it is not gold it’s black