Golden Tear [update - Sept 12]

After having put off the texturing on this for several months I decided to finally try my hand at it now to get in some practice before trying to texture my cartoonish scene. This is my first attempt at UV textures on a complex model so any and all advice and critiques will come in handy.

I see some stretching above the eye, on the bridge and tip of the nose, and a little towards the back of the head. Is there anything else that I am missing? Specifically looking for any obvious texture repetition or other cases of unsightly stretching.

A lot of small tweaks. I fixed the area above the eye, but the nose and upper lip are still evading me.

There is still some tweaking to be done but I think that it is looking good, still looking for the same critiques as before.

If its going to be a scuplture give it some thickness. I Like it, and the texturing is great so far. :slight_smile:

wow surprised that only one person has commented on your beatuiful wip so far.

If it is a sculpture, would there be that much detail around the eyes and mouth, etc?

looks like the neck needs some more work and the shirt cloth doesnt seem right… Also on the rim of the hoody, left side, is that a rip in it or somethin?

looks great so far.

Wow, that looks really nice. It actually strikes me as made of metal. And yes, even if it’s a sculpture, you can get that kind of detail in the eyes. (Ever heard of a guy called Michelangelo?)

To me it seems strange that there’d be that strong of a contrast in the lighting on her neck. Perhaps if the brightness was on her forehead instead. It just draws my attention away from her face. And the cloth wrinkles don’t really look real on the close side of her head. I mean, it doesn’t look like there’s anything there to make the wrinkles. It’s too far forward to be her ear.

Sweet work so far.


What looks like a rip on the left side of the hood is actually a fold, but the current lighting setup doesn’t show it well. Fixing the lighting should also bring some defenition to the neck (and fix the harsh contrast there).

The slightly odd wrinkles on the same side of the hood are based on various reference pictures I used of the maddona, I just assumed that the hood was made out of a stiffer material or something and wrinkled from resting on her shoulder. In retrospect I think I may remodel that side of the hood so it looks more natural.

Very very nice, the one thing that jumped out at me is that I don’t think a stone sculpture could support the sharp edges around the eyelids. (It would probably chip and break very easily if the stone where as thin as you have made it in that area. Try smoothing out those sharp lines just a bit and I think it will be much more convincing. Again, Really nice work!


There appears to be some sort of seam down her neck, not sure if that was intentional or if it’s the result of a mirror op that you didn’t use remove doubles on.


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I don’t think adding that it’s not your personal preference for an image counts as constructive.

To counter that though, I’d just like to say that I’ve been watching this one from behind the scenes. I’ve really liked the way it has progressed.


Another update. I remodeled the right side of the hood and messed around with some more post pro stuff.

I’m still not happy with the bump mapping on the top of the hood. I might try to render it using a disp map instead next time.

i like the texture, but i think the bump mapping makes the material look more porous than it ought to. are you going for bronze or copper?

modeling is good on the face, but the cloth still isn’t flowing well. i can post an overlay to show how the folds should go if you want me to (i’ve stopped posting overlays without the artist’s invitation since they seem to garner a lot of resentment from the artist more often than not).

the side of the head facing the camera shouldn’t be so brightly and clearly illuminated. this conflicts with the pensive/sombre/dramatic atmosphere you are trying to convey. there should be passages of light and shadow.

Go ahead and post an overlay, I’d like to see it. As for the texture I am not really sure what look I am going for, this was mostly meant as practice for UV Unwrapping a complex model so I wasn’t paying to much attention to the actual texture itself, but I do want to go back and actually finish the picture sometime so suggestions are still welcome.

I actually thought it was a more stone statue look, and like how it is now. But, if its suppost to be a metal then yes the pits may be a bit too deep, that’s an easy fix though.

maybe you want to try out to use a reyes renderer.
you will be amazed about what you could do with
true displacements. your stone texture WILL look
much better!


I think the bump mapping is great, but it looks a little flat because the back of the hood is just a little too large perhaps; As if she has a large head underneath the hood. Maybe I’m wrong, though.