Golden tree problem!...

I will explain with an example scene the problem i’m having!.

In the scene, i wish to create a golden disc with an image of a tree on it!.
Like this, without bump…

Here again with Bump set to -0.1…

And here, the image of the tree i used, it has an alpha channel background!..

Both look ok but as you can see, the tree has taken on some of the golden material?..

To create this, after modeling the disc and texturing the ground plane, I set up the materials for the Disc!.

First, the golden colour with receive transparent shadows!.
Then, i add a texture, the tree!.
Other than adding the bump in one of the pictures, all else stayed as was!.

What i would like to have is the gold disc with it’s material but the tree, being more of a mat say!..Maybe the spec reacting in a different way and not having the golden colour or reflection e.t.c!.

I find if i tick the alpha defuse in the influence panel under textures and set the transparency in the materials tab to zero, i get this!..

So, i thought maybe i should add another material but on rendering, there was only the floor and the disc, not tree texture no matter what setting i changed?..

Please help as i’m sure there is something i’m doing wrong or forgetting!.

Many thanks!.

I am little confused here. Your image shows a sphere and not a disc. So which do you want?

Also, do you want to remove golden color from the tree image but not reflection of surroundings?

Well, in this example, it is just a Circle extruded and the grab tool ysed too bump it out a little to get the shape!.
However, this is just an example model for the material so the object isn’t important!.

What i wish to do is not have the tree with the gold material!..
As you can see though, in all cases, it seems to either take on that material in some way or, the tree or even the object in some cases vanish!..

How about using Decals?

I’ve given this tutorial a look and i feel it may be worth the try as i might just work!..

Thank you for your time and for also sending the link!.
Will let you know how i get on!.