golden violin
i need some suggestions how to improve the gold material, i don’t think it’s bad but i think it could be better :wink: lighting is just ambient occlusion and one lamp…mirrored background is an angmap…i know it’s noisy and could need some osa, but it would take too long to render at the moment…

i would turn on oren-nayer for gold…just a little though…OSA OSA…it would look so much better…

Very nice model…btw, is your username in any way related to the short story by the same name?

Very nice modeling. No crits from me.

I might suggest higher contrast lighting to better show the gold material. A GI render just isn’t very dramatic.

Nice, what is that on the violin?(doesn’t look like a bow) or is it just a buton?(i forget how to spell it)

I have one crit on the model - in the middle of the f-holes is the point that shows where the bridge should be, and your point doesn’t look very pronounced.

Why no chinrest?

I don’t really like ambient occlusion most of the time - it just makes the image look grainy.

That’s an incredible model overall, I’d like to see a close up on the scroll.

Ooo and one other thing… from that angle the sound post should be visible inside. :wink:

@thegameboy: no it’s just my first name
@shadowman: yes the lighting definitely needs to be improved, i’ll look for some lighting tutorials/articles
@fonix wircs: it’s a baton
@shbaz: yes it’s not pronounced but it exists :wink: , chinrest…hm, i don’t think it really belongs to a violin, it’s just more comfortable to play if you have one :wink:
@ all: thank you for your compliments :slight_smile:
scroll close up:

that looks awesome!

great model!!! I really like it, any chance to have the .blend?

Dude, the detail you have put into this model is astounding.

Why aren’t you texturing it with wood?

did you ever work with gold?

looks more like mh a special brass copper alloy :slight_smile:

anyway since blender does not support metal typical
highlights its hard to render realy proper matal surfaces anyway here!

use higher AO samples! i know with raytraced reflections the AO rendertime explodes like hell!!! maybe use the old env map!

some closeups with the gold shader would be nice!


two new renderings(without shadows, i will try to change that):
perhaps i will release the .blend when i’m finished…

The bends in the strings on the nut (is it called a nut on a violin?) are off a little… a violin string is super bendy and will wrap around that corner effortlessly.

yes i know, the model wasn’t created for close ups :wink:

very nice, but I think that you could use a little more work on the head.
when I look at my violin, first of all, the strings do bend effortlessly, but that’s already been said.
second, the nuts look like they’re part of the head, not that they can spin in there… it’s a really sharp angle right there that’s hard to see on the last image, but maybe it’s just the reflection throwing it off somewhat.
oh, and in the first image, the bow is wrong… if it’s supposed to be a bow
it looks more like a director’s stick for an orchestra.
good model!
I love it, would you mind sharing the .blend when it’s completed?

thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: , as you noticed, it’s not a bow, it’s a director’s stick (dictionary: conductor’s baton) :wink: the nuts are just sticked through the faces of the head, i didn’t model 8 holes for them… :wink:
when i get more time i will try to texture it with wood and then i’ll share the .blend :slight_smile: