Golder ring

hello all

i am tiring to create a gold ring with a name engraved on it

i have 2 question

  1. the material is not looking real enough .how can i make a better gold
    i have seen this (
    but i have no clue how to achieve a similar result using blender
    i know blender node editor its very strong tool,but knows nothing of materials

  2. how can i make a text engraved/imprinted on the ring
    i tried a black and white texture , with high nor value
    , and tried Boolean
    both of them didn’t end with a satisfying results

thank u all


ring_forum.blend (197 KB)

to get realistic results- try some of the following:

you need something in the environment to reflect: click F8, then F6- you can now add a texture to the environment- add image texture and chose an image- do some search on google for a light probe image- that works well as a background. press F8 again- under texture and input click sphere, click the map to tab, and under there click hori

for the actual object make sure tay trace mirror is on and crank up the raymir setting

put on ambient occulation F8 tab

get some lights and place then around your object so that you get some nice shine on it

for the engraving, I would use normal maps- nvidia has a normal map plug in for photoshop and gimp, generate a normal map of the writing and use that in your textures

do u mean EnvMap ? i know how to do that.

i know reflection can add allot
if u look at the link , u will see that there is no reflection
and the result are amazing
i need help adjusting my current material ,
Please HELP with that :slight_smile:

i will try normal maps for the text
thank u

for gold material

go to the blender Material repository
they got at least 3 types of gold
gold - gold vernoni and another one

so that should give very nice gold material

but it’s a fact that uif you want some reflection you need to put things around to reflect in your gold ring

so you need to make a scene with a few simpel objects
like plae your ring on a table with a mirror in background
put something like a pen ink bottle bottle of wine ect,

that will reflect in your gold ring

for mapping you could use bump mapping i did that it works fine

but this is around a small area on a ring so not certain what results it would give!

hope it helps


ok find thous material
for some reason i can make the bump map as u did
can post the blend file
i am probebly missing somthing
i put an image texture
in map to select |only NOR
and put NOR value to the maximum

(no reflection yet)
i like the idea of the ink , see attached image

still waiting to your blend file :slight_smile:

the idea is my brother is getting married in couple on month from now
so i want to make something nice for their invitation


add your text over a grey plane

then set the camera in front and render then save this pic onto a file

the re- use this file and apply it where you need and set the NOR value

That’s about it

let me know


here a pic of ring with rendered with yafaray

and seems to loo very nice indeed!

also check out this post for bump map

when you do a bump or normal map there are no mesh deform
so you want see any shadows inside the letters
cause there is not mesh deform done

if you need very close render with shadows ibnside the letters then you need to do real letters in 3D!


wow that nice
thanks Richard :slight_smile:

i tried to make Boolean but i get weird results
here is the blend file

please help


forum_ring.blend (283 KB)

ok i am back after a long time
thank to RickyBlender help ,how helped me
this is what i did for the rings :

i model the rings using the spin tool
set smooth
remove doubles
add text ,extrude and convert to mesh
make the text fit the the ring roundness using the “proportional” tool in edit mode
then i Boolean the text and the ring
add an edgeSplit modifier for black areas
the Boolean is not perfect so i had to fix the mesh manually (2 min work)

you can see here how we made the rings using yafaray renderer

and here is the final result
the render took something like 10 hours to finish
i put all yafaray settings to the max

i need to add more elements to the image , so maybe more updates in the further
any suggestions will be welcome

thank you


I’ve got a short tutorial over on my blog in which I discuss ring modeling and texturing. It’s not the ONLY way to achieve the look… but another tool in the arsenal. Worth a look. Hope it helps.

Direct link to youtube tutorial:

I thought I’d give it a try using Blender Internal. The displace map is included in the BLEND file, but the HRDi (used for ring reflection) was too large so you’ll need to supply your own. This render took only a few minutes to complete.


ras_name_on_ring.blend (442 KB)

how was the displacement map prepared
does it need to be blurred ?

also it seems to be used as a UV map butt did not see any seams on model
so how was the unwrap done here ?

and this name map is not attache to the ring so isit only located so it is flush with the surface of the ring or the UV takes care of this ?

Thanks & Happy 2.5

Nice diagnosis Ricky. Yes, the UV is only used for the displacement. I use ORCO mapping for the rest of the textures on the ring.

Remember neutral grey HEX 7F7F7F is no displacement at all. Grey sits at the 0.5 midlevel of the displace modifier. So black letters are inset and white letters will be raised.

I unwrapped the ring using smart projection. into a square image. Then I screen captured that and pasted the unwrap layout into a photoshop 512x512 image. I used it for alignment. It took a few times to figure out where the text needed to go. I would put text on the photoshop document, save it as JPG then import it into Blender as the displace map. I would do a render and view where the inset letters would appear. Repeated that process until I got it right.

The aliasing you see on the letters could be improved if you up the resolution of the displacement image. Like double it from 512x512 to 1024x1024.

ORCO mapping ???

ORCO is short for Original Coordinates that are generated when the object is created by Blender.

trying to figure out that UV and Displa modifier here !

you say that by using the UV it will be use for the displacement !

do you mean that the mesh wont get displaced and only the UV map is used for this ?

i check in edit mode and the mesh don’t seem to have displaced vertices !

did not know it could be used like that !

i mean now with UV it’s more like a bump map then a real displacement map which is usually chainging the vertices location on the mesh !

by the way did you try it in2.5 and working the same way ?

Thanks & happy 2.5

It is real displacement of the mesh. As you can see in this image. It casts shadows and shows up in reflections.

I changed the displace strength from 0.1 to -1.0 and it causes the mesh to pop out where the texture is black. That is why you need the subsurf modifier before the displace modifier. The subsurf gives more vertices for the displace modifier to work with.

Also, when I say displace, I am talking about the displace modifier, not the displace slot of the material.


yes it would not work on the displ in map out panel 1

i did a test just for the fun i applied the 2 modif
and when i look at the mesh it did not have any vertices displaced for the name’s shapes !
unless i made a msitake here !

so looks like it’s the UV alone that is affected not the mesh very strange effect !

but if the modif are there as you’v shown you can see shadow from it ect…
i mean that 's normal for displace vertices but not for a bump map!

one thing the v count is at 60,000 per ring
and the letters are a little blurred so it’s possible to do it and may be faster
but doing real letter would probably take a lot less space then that !


Yeah, I agree, but you need hi-poly for displacement to look good. Also, you can drop Levels in the subsurf to 1 and use less memory in the viewport and leave the Render Levels at 5 or 6 for your final output.