Here’s another traditional piece, this time all by me. It’s another face concpet, I named him goldielocks. :smiley:

Sketch drawn by hand, then scanned and colored in Photoshop, again using my Aiptek board.

Any comments you might want to share?

Pretty cool stuff,

Kind of look like a caricature of someone.
His empty gaze is somewhat spooky though.

Thanks joongle.

You are right, he has pretty empty stare going on there. And he does look like a caricature of someone, it just beats the hell out of me if could pinpoint out who that actually is.
But then again, every time I draw someone I notice familiar features in the shape of the face. My conclusinon is, that everyone I see, be it from tv or in the real world, adds something in the pool of mixed up features, which can be poured on the paper when I want to sketch something out of the blue.

Very fine shapes, and figures, it has got character. Good job! :slight_smile: