GoldWave/Fruityloops sound file

Here’s my sound file… just a little demo thingy :stuck_out_tongue: I like to make demo thingies… demo thingies are cool, cause um… they’re like… um… demo thingies… check it out-
Yes that is what I sound like… My voice :smiley:
and if you have a crappy system with crappy speakers, with crappy speed and just plain crappy, here is the words that make up my demo

Goldwave is a sound editor::::Fruityloops is a music maker ::::::::::::::::::::::::


Better luck next time. :expressionless:

ew, better luck next time? what is that supposed to mean?

I was just being a smartass, because of well, the fact that your ‘ad’ didn’t exactly sell me on Goldwave or Fruityloops. :-?

The compostion was too cluttered with the springy music deal, which was too loud. Plus almost each time, but not every time, you used a specific effect to demonstrate what you were saying I couldn’t understand what you had said. :expressionless:

Forty dollars for a nice sound app is pretty reasonable. But I shy away from fruityloops everytime I see it. I like Buzz it’s freeware, and ol’ skule Impulse Tracker, also free.

it was a demo thingy, not an advertisement… if you want an advertisement, see what some good people out there can do with it… I wasn’t intending to sell it, or demonstrate it, I was just messing around…

I really owe you an appology, because I haven’t been feeling very nice lately. I’m tending to be very short, impulsively ‘acting out’ instead of thinking about what it is I really want to say.

I just hope you don’t think I’m a jerk for being so rude to you. I will try to watch myself from here-on-out. :expressionless:

BTW, as far as demos go I guess what you did is pretty cool.

nah man, it’s ok… what you heard… you weren’t supposed to understand the words anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just posting it up there, for anybody who can deal with reinstalling the trial version every once in a while, and fl is purty cool…

I just did some cheap things with the program… crappy stuff, all in all…

If you have not tried quartz audio master pro (freeware) give it a try. multiple audio tracks. multiple midi tracks. You can even treat audio tracks like midi tracks in a sense. all kinds of options. and >>100%<< free. I know alot of people like fruity loops and acid, and they are ok programs, but they are after all shareware. Also, a good free drum machine is hammerhead. Another tip,…for noise removal, get ‘Audacity’, another audio multitracker, not anywhere near as good as quartz audio master, in fact audacity will not even play and record tracks simultaneously, a major drawback.<edit> (this is incorrect, I found out how to record/listen at the same time…) however, for noise removal, it is tops. also 100% free. And another; for manufacturing cool sci-fi sounds, ‘FM Dreams’, an FM softsynth. For making custom wavs, such as an animal noise/whatever, the ‘wav studio’ in ‘Anvil Studio’ a midi program works quite well. Also free. These are some of the tools I use for sound anyway. Also, Nero wav editor is handy for alot of things, in particular, compression. I am not trying to sell anything here, btw, these are just some of the free tools i use.

Ok I tried Goldwave. It rocks. So far, it is the only piece of software I have that can effortlessly remove those annoying digital pops and clicks. It does a whole lot of other stuff too, but that one feature makes it invaluable. I have about 10 recordings that were ruined by digital noise, and now I can fix them with a click! yayyy!

Heh, Modron Goldwave is just the tip of the iceberg. Try and get hold of a copy of Cool Edit Pro by Sintrillium, or Soundforge 7 by Sonic Foundry.

These two blow away what Goldwave is capable of.

DMBadCat, I strongly advise oyu to buy Fruityloops4 Studio. I bought my first copy of Fruity when they released version 3. It is the most versatile and user friendly music loop creation tool there is.

I use it when I teach my Music Technology classes. I also use the professional top end apps too, Logic Audio, Reason 2, Sadie sound systems, Nuendo, but Fruity is the one that I always use before moving my tunes into the top end packages.

Keep at it mate, and as my old music teacher advised me; be careful of the ammount of effects you use, as it’s all too easy to kill a good tune.