Golf ball

here is my model - golf ball

i made this model in 3 min.


Thought on a caption:

Why use a putter to do the work of a wedge. Get the right tool for the right investment. J.R. Bausch & Lomb. The right tools for the right investment.


Nice render, just one little hint to make it better: golf balls have more “craters” (how do you say that?) than that.

Yse, several hundreds.
Source: BGBTEE (Biggest Golf Ball Thread Ever on Elysiun):

my NEW updated work…


I love the butterfly, but it looks like the golf ball indentations are honeycomb-shaped. Did you maybe not subsurf the model for the render on accident?

Good work,

I don’t know why it look like honey, the model is correct.


Nice work :slight_smile:

330 to 500 dimples. If you’re picky, there are balls with 333 and 442 dimples.

balls travel farther when warmed.