Golfing Green

Im still a noob… been playing with blender for 2 months now?? First project of my own using particles :slight_smile: .

I think the dirt has some problems… i dunno just doesnt look quite right. It looks more like thick heavy mud to me.

C&C’s please?? :smiley:

I think you forgot the shadow of the ball.

uh good point! forgot to use spot light…

Golf ball - either lighting or shading need work - there’s gigantic specular spot and dimples are next to invisible.

It looks like you forgot to set smooth the tee also. Did you learn that grass from a tutorial? I cant get anything close to that with particles.

use the texture blend, make it so there is just a slim line of the color you want and set it to halo and with halo on turn on texture and halo casts shadow then set it to the size and color you want.

ok i did those, but the image is now 1.99 MB… any image host that offers 2mb around??

i set tee to smooth… and yup, i used the fur tutorial in the blender manual under particles. I just changed some properties, and the color of course lol!

Its ok for a play around with particles. As a composition… who tee’s of outside the green?

Why is a jpg-image almost 2MB?? :o

Why is a jpg-image almost 2MB?? :o[/quote]

o woops that was .png :expressionless: :expressionless: