Hi guys :grinning:
This is all-terrain electric cargo truck.



Nice. Nice modelling & nice materials.
I suggest you to make the tyres a bit deformed by the weight of the truck.
It will emphatize the feeling that it’s a real truck and not a toy.


Awesome presantation and renders! Did you work from a concept or what was your workflow?

ah… I’m not a container mover worker… but if I should have to do the real job, I’ll link the container using the upper hooks… and not the lower ones. but probably I’m in trouble…I haven’t done a research on this, just thinking about it.

Thanks :smiley:
Idea was to make an off-road cargo truck with self loading/unloading capabilities.
I started with blocking out main shapes and key elements - in my case it’s 8ft and 20ft containers.
Design is inspired by american pickup trucks, commercial trucks and side lifters.

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Side lifters usually attach the hooks using bottom holes of container :slightly_smiling_face:


Really nice work! thanks for your response!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thanks ! :smiley:

You’re #featured! :tada:

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this truck is unreal. Just amazing work. Congrats on top row.
“the best models / modelling as always is unrecorded”
Id watch a course on that in a snap. Keep it up!


This is amazing design. I would take any suggestions you get in this thread though to make it feel more “real” and “weighty” and so less stiff and sterile. I hadn’t thought of the tires. I was going to suggest the container, making the texture show some rust and dirt. Because the containers take up so much space on the screen, this would go a long way. Then I might also look at the glass material. Is this cycles or EEVEE?

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Thank you :pray:

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It’s just wheels with bunch of modified cubes :grinning:

Everything rendered in Cycles.
Thank you for the feedback :smiley:

Just incredible work. Seriously inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

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Killer work!

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Super well done. I love the lighting scheme. It’s very convincing daylight. Was this done in Cycles and did you use an HDRI for the lighting?

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It is Cycles and those are some wide images to fit in all that truck.

Thanks :grinning:
Yes, rendered in Cycles. For lighting I used Blender’s Sky Texture for desert shots and HDRIs for others.