Hey everybody im new here, and this is my second model im attempting (gollum). My first model was a predator from the movie but i never finished it. Anyways tell me what u think so far.

Wow! welcome to elysiun, that head is looking great, are you doing movie gollum or out of imagination?

Thanx, Im doing the movie’s golum.
The smooth pictures have been subdivide just for show.
My only reference was while watching the movie.
Lotta rewind and pause.

That’s very good if you did it from the TV screen. I do that with sketches. For 3D I prefer to have a reference on my screen even if it isn’t orthographic. I find google image handy for reference pics:


I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

Tell me that this is your second model in blender, not your second model in a 3d app. Otherwise, you have a crazy innate talent.

Thanx for the link osxrules.
munkey_mike this is my second model in blender not in a 3d ap. blender is the second 3d app i used. My first program, was one called milkshape 3d which is used to make low resolution characters for games. I never really completed a model in either program so hopefully gollum could be the first.