My last wip
The body, head, hands and others
Smeagol… gollum, gollum…jer
LOTR part 1


see you later …

:Z Ole, niños y niñas que se pillan este sitio

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i love the facial expression :D, with the writing textureing lighting and body position he could look cool, maybe have him kinda crouched over on a rock in the moutains. :Z keep up the good work

Very well modelled.
you plan on animate it?

Psst… OSA!

Psst… those are screen grabs, not renders. :wink:

Nicely modelled. Maybe some more detail in the face could be added. The rest looks really good.


It’s coming along nicely, yes more facial details.

Can you show us the reference pictures? I’d also like to see his ribs slightly more detailed because they look kind of blocky at the moment.

Good start so far, keep it up.

I only have 1 reference image, It’s the frontal view but retouching with gimp and photoshop, I not found any orthogonal reference for the body.


My problem is add more detail, the excesive loops count in the mesh, you can see on wire image sample, the lpm vertices count: 2300.

I haven’t animation intentions by the moment

in the next: mapping and skin

:wink: ole chavales :Z

when can we see a render ?? :smiley:

Really good model. I’ve never thought of Gollum as a creature that walks upright though (I know the pose is just standard wip modelling pose) so posing him crouched somewhere with a grimace of frightful expression would be really great.

  • Eric