Gone Far | (Sci-Fi / Survival) Game

This is an indie exploration/survival game that I’d just put together recently. I may or may not complete the project, but depending on how the viewers feel about it, I’ll put my best foot forward. Let me know your thoughts. I know there are some things that could be improved, comes with the Pre-Alpha territory, but I’m chipping away at it a little at a time.

Updated Pre-Alpha:

This is really cool!
Reminds me of dead space a bit. I’d like to see this finished :slight_smile:

Very Cool! My only complaint is that there is no blending between the animations, it’s very easy to add that though.
Do you plan to add combat if you continue the project?

Looks great so far.I love the snow in it.

I like it, looks like borderlands.

Hey guys… Just here with newly recorded gameplay. I will detail the changes later today.

very cool, haha no pun intended… maybe little crit the run energy runs out way to fast and would be annoying, maybe make it twice as far… also add more “junk” things to investigate… Also maybe change camera angle so you can show off your character more?

Nice progress. You could even make a making of the demo as an educational resource. :slight_smile: Looks like you are using a bloom and edge filters.
In the room, it needs some bathroom, some communication stuff, some windows. :slight_smile:

@Akira_San, crazy because It’d never cross my mind to put all those things in there… I was worried about the main components that had to do with gameplay (i.e the bed where you can sleep and recovery energy, or the medicine cabinet to recover health).

So in a way, you are directly responsible for the additional attachment I placed on the outpost, haha. Screenshots below.

the snow particles look too triangular

I think you could use what pgi is working on right now to have the snow particles all faces of 1 mesh with depth transparency and real snowflake uv textures

great work so far.

Awesome game! Well done.

Some new screenshots… A new gameplay video will be uploaded on my Youtube page soon.

This is flippen awesome Mann keep on working on it man i’d Love the Alpha ,and the Beta Version
refined /stable. Mann iam so impressed and i really really want to play this Game so badly. I like
sci-fi games they’re awesome as well. Please keep on working on this project i’d love to see it
finnished atleast now you got yourself a Big Fan !!!


The Title of the Game even say’s it all “Gone far” make it your best blender Game you’ve ever created … Take this Game far man i’d like to see you take this game far man. So far it looks Great !!!

Keep UP the hard work man.


I like the new room. Now it even got a window. Looks like some interesting new elements are in too. :slight_smile: But the pipes enter the wall like magic. :smiley:

A new video released on my youtube channel.

like all the operational details in the game play still think you should push the cam back so you could see the entire character… PS originally I thought it was a girl character. disappointment though it looks really cool and I’ll keep watching the project…

It looks stylish. I like the character.