Gone Fishin'

My mom collects santas, and so I thought I’d do a santa picture for her, but unfortunatly I cant do people, so the next best thing, santa on vacation(its not in color yet):

not bad like the fur on the boot tops whens the color coming

Yeah, you have to finish this one up to get some real responses…it looks great so far though!

heres an update with some color: http://img48.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gonefishin2ce1.jpg
the sign was done in photoshop. If anyone has a good closed sign Id be happy. Thanks.

Hey, the fur has some problems, there. Turn on ‘even’ and ‘random’ and then add more particles, giving them a tiny bit of random velocity, and more random-life.

here is another update:


another update:

Your row of red and green lights are brightly lit but they are not illumininating there surrounding.

that was just a test, but thanks for the input.