Gone Mad

Here is something I drew for fun…

I had no plan or concept… pure madness

Yeah Calvin! Thats awesome man. Nice colors and perspective accuracy…or something. You’re getting good.

COME ON… no replies??? (Crititrozoz, you don’t count)

Here is something a few people drew… (I kind of took part.) :smiley:

COME ON!!! (one more picture for the day)

Love your style calvin. Its pretty easy to se what you have drawn. i take it this is iscribble :slight_smile: How do you get the images to get so blury?

I only use the “circles” tool. Sometimes the autocircles to smooth things out.

Hi, Calvin.
Kind of frustrating, not getting any response in traditional…
anyway, the first one is all yours, so I’ll limit myself to talking about that one. I like the expressions, especially that poor rabbit! Compared to the facial expressions, the body language (gesture) is just so-so. That might be an area you want to push.

Colorwise, I notice you really like the saturated pallet. Makes things very active and vibrant. You need to keep an eye on contrasts, though, your red shirt guy has brown hair fading into a brown tree branch. Something similar is going on with the other guy, but there’s contrast in texture and value, even though the hue is the same.

Compositionally, most of the image works well to trap the eye into traveling around. The only glitch is purple face looking out of the picture with nothing between him and the corner to lead the viewer back in. You might try shifting his gaze so he’s looking at the lollypop, or something else over in that direction.

Is that you’re thought balloon, with big mama smacking cute little cat girl in the kisser?

Keep up the good work. :yes:

Thanks for the reply Orinco, Marsan :smiley:

One more for today: (by me only)

Nice pics. I like the warm colours in the first one, and the composition is good too, with the branch and the flowers making a nice intersection of thirds.

That character in the middle right of the third picture, reminds me of Ralph Steadman. Good stuff, keep it up.


The drew the girl in the center and shaded the one on the left. :smiley:

Wow. that girl in the middle is really well done. awsome job!

One more:
(I drew the guy on the left side and the elephant)


I enjoyed them all Calvin. The little girl and the last image stood out for me.

I’m glad you liked them! :smiley:

I like the one with the fat lady and dog and the one with the teddy bear and mouse.
PS: Check my sketch tread.

Numarul7: thanks :smiley:

I drew the Green Rabbit in this one, and the grass.

I drew the old guy on the right and colored that superhero and the dude on the left. (Also did the background) and drew the body for the little boy…

Great stuff Calvin! Really nice pics!
Only crit from me would be regarding a composition on some of the pics.
A great thing is the difference in styles of different characters on some of the pics, I really like that…

Find a book about shading and perspective.

Yeah books sucks but in the end will do it like in the books … same thing did the painters that wrote them and think that maybe it is useful for others to shorten the learning time