"Gone with the blast wave" remake.

Some time ago I’ve decided to make an animated version of comic “Gone With The Blast Wave”. You can find it yourself. It is loaded with black humor and sarcasm and there is not much to animate - so I think that could be a good practice for me.
So far I’ve made following assets:

  1. Main character “Sniper” - modelling, texturing. No rigging/skinning so far.
  2. Destroyed room with some exterior elements - modelling. No texturing yet.
  3. Sniper gun - modelling. Working on texture and rig right now.
  4. Second character “Flamer”
  5. Other soldiers. Other weapons.
  6. More exterior elements - sityscape, garbage, etc.
  7. Special effects.
  8. Rigging/skinning.
  9. Animation/sound/postpro.
    If you are interested in participating, please contact me.